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Classic Car Vehicle InspectionsRapide Auto Services car inspections.

Thinking of buying a classic car?

Why not have an professional opinion of your important purchase.

Why risk asking a "mate” to help check over your next car?

(They might know about cars ,but that’s no reason to ruin a friendship,.....should it not turn out to be the concourse example you expected ! ).

Whether your dream car was the one you admired in your youth,

Maybe it's an iconic model, that’s currently in vogue,

Or the car that you always promised yourself ?

Bought wisely, classic cars can be great investments.....But they can also be a potential money pit!

Before you buy your next car. Let us thoroughly inspect it .

We have seen many horrors over the years and know what can turn out to be a costly purchase.

Accident damage, and subsequent concealed repairs are some of the main concerns when buying a car.

We strive to detect repairs that the vendor would rather you didn't notice !.

We offer a range of inspection options, and will travel to meet your requirements.

We offer a photographic, inspection and report, giving you a detailed overview of the car offered.

Not only classics, we also inspect current vehicles .